$200 Full Service Window Cleaning

Includes Interior/Exterior, Screens, Hard Water Removal
(up to 45 panes, confirmed
before service)

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Once we have this, we will contact you within 24 hours to get you a quote. We NEVER sell your info and will only contact you about your service.


Pick a date range when you would like to get your windows cleaned. We will call and confirm availability with you. All our services include window cleaning as a base service. You can also request a track, blind, or gutter cleaning estimate to know the additional cost.

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We love loyalty, so we offer great discounts to customers for having us come back for repeat services. You can choose a single, biannual, triannual, or quarterly clean.

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"I would never stray because Kyle and his team are the very best."

- EJ Deaton

"Majestic did an amazing job. To see outside without the grime was amazing."

- Kameron Bascom

Why Majestic?

*We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is*

Hard Water Comparison


Stop worrying about bad weather. If any storms ruin your windows within 7 days of service, just call us and we’ll come touch them up COMPLETELY FREE.


Don’t let dirty screens ruin your beautiful view. We clean and wipe down all of your screens so that you can enjoy your perfect view longer.

Hard Water

Utah has bad hard water. We believe hard water treatments should be included in every service, so we never charge extra for that pesky hard water.

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