Summer Sales Done Right

Work Local, Full-Time or Part-Time, Paid Trial Period, No Set Contracts

Average First-Year Sales Reps Make $35+/hr Historically!

Who Is Majestic For?

Still In School

Seriously, you can make $35+/hr while you’re still in school.

Work Part-Time

If you have other commitments you can still work with us.

Flexible Schedule

Give yourself time to do the things you enjoy this summer!

Personal Growth

You want to grow financially and individually.

Create Your Freedom

Saving for college? Getting married soon? Starting a business? Buying a car? Planning a vacation? Our dreams and aspirations cost lots of money. The problem is, most of us are at an age where we don’t have extra money to spend. We only have enough to survive, not enough to thrive.

We know chasing your dreams can be hard and require many resources, but who says you have to live a crappy life now just so you can hopefully live your dreams in the future? Life is worth living, and that starts now. Learn the skills you need to succeed right now, and create enough extra money and time so that you can start living your dreams NOW and not in the future. That’s why we created Majestic. To help you Create Your Freedom and take control of your life.


Hurry, We Only Have Room For 15 Salespeople This Summer!

We Will Stop Hiring For This Summer By April 15, 2019

Our Numbers Don't Lie

*These are averages and will vary, but even $15/hour for a summer job is unrealistic for most people. We want to help everyone make REAL money and not just get by.*

Who Is Majestic?

We are a window cleaning company. We have been around since 2015 and have regularly cleaned over 1,000 customers in Utah County since we started. Our pride lies in our quality work, both with our customers and our employees. We are the top-rated window cleaning company in Utah, and have won multiple awards for our quality.

This job is difficult, both mentally and physically, but is the most rewarding job you will ever do. You will learn how to overcome rejection, develop self-discipline, become a leader, and achieve more financial freedom than nearly all your friends. Why? Because they aren’t willing to do hard things that you are willing to do. You will find success now, and reach your dreams in the future.

The Majestic Difference

Be In Charge

You get to decide which days and hours you want to work. Be your own boss and set your schedule.

Easier Sale

You will adapt our services to fit the needs of our customers. Not the other way around.

Paid Trial Period

$15/hr guaranteed. We know you’ll be successful, and we will bet our own money on you.

Work-Life Balance

No 50+ hour weeks, no working weekends unless you choose to. Our reps work 25-35 hrs/week.

I Know What You Must Be Thinking...

"Sales just isn't for me. I'm not a salesperson."

- Everyone has the ability to be great at sales. Just like any other skill, all it takes is hard work and commitment.

- We have worked with people of all backgrounds who have found success: students, accountants, moms, etc. You can too!

"This sounds great, but I don't want to miss out on life at home."

- That's the best part! You will be working locally in Utah County, so you can have the summer sales experience AND be present for all the summer fun in the sun you and your family/friends have planned.

"I've tried sales before and I wasn't good at it. Will this be any different?"

- Absolutely! We have had people work with us who sold satellite, pest, solar, and alarms and did extremely well. Once you see how much easier of a sale this is, you will see much more success than you ever have before.

- Having the flexibility to build a custom agreement with the customer to fit their needs, as well as selling something that people actually want to buy will increase your confidence and your success compared to the past.

"I can't put my life on hold for an entire summer."

- You don't have to! By working close to home and being able to choose between FT and PT you will have all of the flexibility you need to be there for your family, school, or whatever else life gives you this summer.

Ready To Become A Sales Machine Without Sacrificing Your Summer?

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