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We will get in touch within 24 hours with our personalized quote for your home and requests.


After reviewing the quote, choose a time that works for you so we can come clean your windows.

Sit Back and
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Our job: Clean your windows and make sure you’re totally satisfied.
Your job: Sit back & enjoy your view.

Dirty Windows Ruin Your Perfect View and Cause Unnecessary Stress

But There's a Problem...

  • Ladders can be dangerous if not used correctly
  • You don’t have an entire day to set aside for window cleaning
  • Hard water is extremely difficult to remove
  • Your windows are impossible for you to reach

Spend your time doing what you love, avoid injury, and enjoy your sparkling windows and a clean home.
With MAJESTIC you'll be able to enjoy the view you bought your home for, without any of the headaches.

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Debi Johnson
Debi Johnson
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"We are completely pleased with the job that was done(again)by Majestic on our windows! The owner was SO nice and worked with my schedule. Great company!"
Greggory Adams
Greggory Adams
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Great job. Super thorough, took really dirty windows and made them shine like new! Would definitely recommend!
Nate Skousen
Nate Skousen
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These guys are incredible. We had major hard water buildup on our basement windows and they were able to get it all off! They spent over 4 hours cleaning all our windows inside and out and they look amazing. We will definitely have them come back on a regular basis to clean our windows! Don't hesitate, call them NOW!
Laura Culbertson
Laura Culbertson
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Our neighbors have used Majestic and recommended them when it came time to sell our house. Kyle is very communicative, and I was able to get them out right away! My windows are sparkling clean and I am wondering how I ever lived with them so dirty! I loved how they also cleaned my window screens and tracks and got all the outside nasty spider webs and debris down! I can't recommend them enough!
Denise Drakulich
Denise Drakulich
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Matt and Zach just cleaned my windows, and oh my! They did a wonderful job! I have used Majestic Window Cleaners for the past several years and have always loved their work. Call them. You won't be disappointed!


Stop worrying about bad weather. If any storms ruin your windows within 7 days of service, just call us and we’ll come touch them up COMPLETELY FREE.


Don’t let dirty screens ruin your beautiful view. We clean and wipe down all of your screens so that you have a clear view that stays cleaner longer.

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Hard Water

Utah has bad hard water. We believe that hard water treatments should be included in every service, so we will never charge you extra for what should be a standard service.

Stress-Free Window Cleaning For You

At Majestic we know you are the kind of person who wants to spend quality time making memories with your family, and less time trying to clean that pesky hard water off your windows.

In order to do that, you need to find a reliable, affordable Utah window cleaning company. The problem is that there are so many options to choose from, which only increases your stress instead of helping it. That is one of the reasons we started Majestic.

We believe getting your windows cleaned should be easy and affordable. That’s why we created a simple plan for you to get clean windows. Here’s how it works: First, click this button to request a quote and fill out the relevant information to receive a quote within 24 hours. Next, choose a time that works with your schedule for us to come out. And finally, we will come and do all the work so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

So request a quote now, so you can stop spending time being stressed out in your own home, and start enjoying a peaceful home with your amazing view.